Top Secret to Creating Viral Facebook Posts

Social media marketing can no longer be ignored by businesses looking for the most effective digital marketing strategies today. This can be attributed to the fact that social media websites control the biggest percentage of internet traffic.

Sites such as Facebook have over 500 million active users daily. This offers businesses unique opportunities to stand out from the rest. Regardless of what a business is looking to do i.e. build awareness and increase engagement.


Content marketing in social media websites like Facebook has proven to offer great benefits which can’t be achieved using traditional marketing methods. One such benefit is creating viral Facebook posts.

Although Facebook was originally designed as a social network, it has evolved into one of the best channels for exposing brands to the world. Brands have an opportunity to tell their story establishing meaningful relationships with existing and potential clients.

One of the most challenging things about content marketing on Facebook is creating viral posts. Although thousands of posts are created daily by people/brands/businesses, only a few get the kind of attention that changes perspectives and offers great returns.

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In this article, our focus will be on what it takes to create viral Facebook posts. Although it is easy to a Facebook post, it is very hard to convince people to share it till it achieves viral status. If you want to know exactly what it takes to create that hit Facebook post, below are 11 secret ingredients to creating viral Facebook posts.

1Call to action: This is one of the most important secret ingredients of viral Facebook posts. As crazy say it sounds, you need to tell people to share, like or comment on your post to increase your chances of creating a viral Facebook post. Calling for action gives Facebook posts that extra boost required to propel a post to viral status.


This simple image went viral and create lots of traffic for many webmaster

 2Share what is being shared: You must also consider creating a Facebook post based on what is popularly shared. For instance, craft activities, DIY content and recipes are among the top most shared Facebook content categories today. Creating content based on these popular categories i.e. turning your brand into DIY content will definitely increase your chances of making a viral Facebook post.

3Reactive storytelling: This involves taking a popular story and combining it with a relevant brand or marketing message. This strategy is popularly known as news jacking. It works wonders for social media posts by capitalizing on already popular news to deliver brand messages.

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie, this touching storytelling ads accumulated almost 10 million views in youtube

 4Targeted fun: This secret ingredient helps brands/businesses make fun posts relating to current events. For instance a Facebook post utilizing targeted fun could capitalize on an upcoming event i.e. a football match to relay a brand message to a specific audience (football fans).

5Emotion driven: As the name suggests, these involves creating Facebook posts which spark emotion. When people read content that evokes emotion (ideas of love), they tend to associate such content with those they love. In the process they may also associate your brand with love establishing a very deep connection. Love posts are usually shared without resistance which increases your chances of creating a viral Facebook post.

6Extreme shots: Incorporating mind blowing stunts with brand/marketing messages is another effective way of creating viral Facebook posts. This is simply because thrill and risk are perfect ingredients for content sharing. This ingredient is extremely important for sports and performance related posts.

Viral campaign for the horror classic Carrie masterminded by Sony. This prank Youtube video amassed nearly 1 million view on its first day.

7Show your true colors: Although this ingredient may not be effective for people sharing contrary opinions, it is very effective for audiences who agree with your post. Making a stand has been proven to be an important ingredient of making Facebook viral posts. This can be attributed to the fact that those who agree with your post feel obligated to share it.

8Get outside the box: Preparing content that is so unique will also increase your chances of creating a viral Facebook post. Consider doing something most people deemed impossible. It could be anything from text to graphic or video content.

9Human truths: Tapping into human truths has also been proven to be a vital ingredient in most viral posts online. For instance, you can talk about money and happiness and then incorporate a brand message. Posts touching on human truths are irresistible. Social media users can’t help sharing them.

Most people think they are smart

Most people think they are smart

 10Sex sells: Sex has been selling for centuries now especially when the target is young men. It is a fact that thoughts about mating significantly influence spending and giving decisions. If you can manage incorporating sex in your post, you will definitely catch the attention of many.


Sex Sell: Hit “LIke” if you want to see this bunny running received more than 29,000 Likes


Can you type without looking? received more than 24,000 Likes and 3,400 shares

 11People love prizes: People love free things. Incorporating promotions in your Facebook posts definitely attracts audiences giving you the opportunity to create a Facebook viral post.



There you go. Have fun trying some of the ideas. Don’t forget to share your result in the comment area. Lastly, please share this post.


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  • Justin January 20, 2014 at 2:27 am - Reply

    Thanks for these amazing tips!

    It also helps if you’re beginner to use social exchange sites to boost the ‘like’ count of your posts. Then when the real people sees it has many likes and shares it’s more likely they will also share it on their timeline too. I’m guessing it’s like it happen because myself as well if you see something is big popular and has many likes it interests me too to see what is about, compared with posts with no likes at all, I jump over them most times.. 😀

    Once again thank you for these tricks and have a great day!


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