Scarcity Samurai Review and Bonus: WP Plugin that Quadruple Your Sales?

With over 200,000 copies of Market Samurai sold, Software Company Noble Samurai obviously know something about how to market online. With their latest release, Scarcity Samurai, they not only share the secret sauce that has made the company such a success, but provide the exact same tools that they used to do it.

In this review we will look at what exactly Scarcity Samurai is and how it works. We will also explain in detail why scarcity is the most important element in any marketing that you do. Finally we will offer a recommendation as to who we think Scarcity Samurai would be best suited for.

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What is Scarcity Samurai?

Skyrocket your conversion

Scarcity Samurai is a new plugin from Noble Samurai creators of Market Samurai, the world’s most popular keyword research tool (Market Samurai Bonus – $22 cash rebate). Scarcity Samurai was developed based on the success that Noble Samurai had selling Market Samurai. The key to Noble Samurai’s marketing strategy was “scarcity” and this new plugin now allows other people to use it with their own products.


How Does Scarcity Samurai Work?

Once you install scarcity samurai, you are able to manage the software through its own dashboard. You are not required to have any technical or programming skills in order to operate the software, as it uses drop down menus.

Scarcity Samurai features a unique countdown timer which is linked to your opt in form. When someone opts in for your email newsletter, the countdown timer begins. For example you could setup a 25% discount for your product, which expires 10 days after they opt in. From then on they will be sent regular emails which tell them how long they have before they need to take up your offer. The power of this is that even if they do not return to your site, they will still be reminded of the urgency to make a purchase by emails in their inbox.

You also have different options for which type of campaign you want to setup. One of these options is an Evergreen Scarcity campaign. With this option the scarcity campaign will run all year around. Market Samurai was actually sold on evergreen scarcity. No matter when you signed up for the free trial, you would still have the same countdown period, after which you would no longer be able to purchase it at the discounted price.

The other option is to setup a fixed date scarcity campaign. This is where you choose a limited period when the scarcity campaign will run. This is particularly useful if you want to bring in a quick influx of cash, or if you are running a product launch.

Demo on Scarcity Samurai on this post. Timer set to expire in 3 day and do nothing.

Setting up Scarcity Samurai on this post using the wizard

Setting up Scarcity Samurai Single Page Campaign in 2 Minute

Why Urgency Is So Powerful

Scarcity introduces urgency into the buying decision process. If I can purchase a product today, tomorrow or three months from now, at exactly the same price and receive the exact same value, then there is no compelling reason for me to purchase right now. Unfortunately when people are given time to decide, they usually end up not purchasing. The reason might be because they forgot about your product, solved the problem they were experiencing without or they were presented with another opportunity to spend their money.

But if an element of urgency is introduced, such as a discounted price, that only lasts three days, now I have to decide whether to purchase right now. If I choose to delay my purchase, then I am essentially losing out on the value of the discount. Humans by nature lost adverse, and so this creates a powerful reason why I should purchase now.

Even more powerful is if you state you will completely remove the product in the future, after which there will be no more chances to buy. For example imagine if the Rolling Stones announced that they were putting on one last concert. After this they promised they would never perform live again. How much could they charge for those tickets? The answer is a lot. There are plenty of Rolling Stone fanatics who would be willing to pay as much as it costs to see their hero’s in action one last time.


Increasing Price Through Scarcity

Scarcity is also commonly used to increase the value of a product or service. An example of this is the De Beers diamond monopoly. By artificially restricting the supply of diamonds, it was able to force up the price. Diamonds by themselves are not especially intrinsically valuable, but once they become scarce, they become perceived as such.

In more recent years Apple has done the same thing with each release of its iPhone. By limiting the amount that is sold, lines of eager customers form outside Apple Stores across the country, whenever the newest iPhone comes out. By limiting the supply of your own product and making it scarce, you can help to increase its price.


Urgency Sell: 4 Times More Conversion for Your Sales/Squeeze Page using  Scarcity Samurai

It is important to understand that scarcity is not just one more marketing tactic amongst many that can be employed. It is in fact at the heart of almost all effective marketing. Scarcity can massively increase the number of sales or conversion that you make, as your customers feel compelled to take action. Noble Samurai’s own experience was that sales were increased 4x after introducing scarcity into their marketing.

If you currently have your own product or you have one in development, then Scarcity Samurai is a no brainer. Using Scarcity Samurai is almost certain to increase your sales far beyond the purchase price of the plugin. While there is other countdown software available, none that we have seen is an intuitive or has many features as Scarcity Samurai.

The ability to easily integrate Scarcity Samurai into your email marketing makes it considerably more effective than any other competing product. Scarcity Samurai is highly recommended for anyone who wants to replicate the stellar success of Market Samurai in their own business.


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