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report-flat240Lately, we have seen that online communication has become more and more visual. Content that pleases the eyes is much more appreciated and welcomed than ever before in this age of information overload. In a recent study conducted by HubSpot, it was revealed that visuals generated 53% more Likes than an average text based post on Facebook. Can you imagine how mammoth could be the exposure brands are grabbing with this simple tactic?

Long newsfeeds, lengthy Facebook statuses and tweets are now being replaced by videos, meme and Infographics. Off the three, Infographics stand out for being a means that conveys more information than a meme and easy to make, plus time saving above all. As per the widely recognized ‘Edger Dale’s cone of Experience’, an average learner can retain over 30% of what they visualize, as compared to 20% of what they hear and 10% of what they just read. Could there be a better way to let people know and learn about your brand or product? This fact solely contributes to the immense success of infographics.

Check out this infographic by Neoman, which scientifically explains why we need infographics. Unlike what most of us think, infographics aren’t something new that is given birth by the digital outburst. The digital age only resurrected infographics which have been forgotten for ages. Egyptian hieroglyphics and cave paintings that existed since 3000 B.C could be the earliest signs of infographics. Such has been the period of utility of infographics. Like mentioned earlier, making infographics is a lot easier than making videos; while if optimally designed, an infographic can be as effective as a video. By optimally, I mean, designing the infographic in a way, so as to get your point across to your target aesthetically without boring them to death or confusing them with overdoing.     

Infographic by Neoman


How to Make Quality Infographics?

Before designing your infographic, you need to script it thoroughly, with the following questions in mind:

  • Are the stats you are presenting in the infographic from a reliable source and up-to-date?
  • Is your infographic giving solutions to the viewer?
  • Is the color theme of your infographic reasonable if not great?
  • Are the fonts used legible?
  • Is there a balance between graphics and words used?
  • Is your infographic light-weight making it easy to download and share?
  • Is the idea presented original and unique?
  • Is your infographic too long and stuffed?
  • Do your headlines grab attention?
  • Does your infographic sound too pushy and promotional?


How to make Infographics easily?

Though most infographics seem amazing and get us reckoning how they are made, how much of work goes into them, etc., the process of making infographics isn’t very daunting. While pro graphic designers use ace image editing tools like Photoshop to visually represent their script, there are alternative ways which can get you similar results when used shrewdly. The most resorted way is to use one of the myriad free tools to make infographics that are made available online. The other is to use Microsoft PowerPoint. Let’s check out how. 


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  • Leonard Bowcott
    July 19, 2013 at 12:44 am - Reply

    And I was foolishly spending hours making infographics using Photoshop. Thanks for the tips!
    Leonard Bowcott recently posted…Dispelling Page Rank MythsMy Profile

  • Tommy Nguyen August 8, 2013 at 4:07 pm - Reply

    I was afraid of making infographic since I’m not good at Photoshop. Then my friend told me about I used it a few months ago and found it very useful,(addictive once you play with it for a while ).

    Thanks for the list
    Tommy Nguyen recently posted…Killer Article-Proof SEO TechniquesMy Profile

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