Amazon Best Sellers Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

You upload your book on Amazon using the word file format and you sit back hoping to gather a few pennies every month. Then you wait the first month, nothing happens. Then the second, the third and even the fourth, and there’s absolutely nothing from the side of buyers. What is it that you’re doing wrong? You may want to ask yourself.

Firstly, you didn’t realize that you needed to take extra care with your book than just to upload it and wait for sales. Secondly, you needed to market your book, and thirdly, there’s a lot of information on the web that could have helped you join the list of Amazon best sellers, but you didn’t utilize it.

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The good news is that all is not lost for you. There are a few things you can do to help sell your product effectively (and this does not apply to books only). It applies to all items sold on Amazon. So what are they, and how do you apply them to achieve success?

First though, you chose Amazon because of its popularity. It’s the largest bookstore on the planet, and it’s trusted by both buyers and sellers all around the world. Statistics actually show that Amazon receives 54 million hits each month from search engine traffic alone. That should give you more advantages than your counterparts who are not selling on Amazon. So here are the tips to becoming the number one best seller on Amazon.


Amazon Bestseller Tips 

Pick a hot market

This is where research comes handy, and you only want to sell products that are currently trending the market. If you are an author, you probably will want to research on topics that are trending and you are comfortable to write about. Many writers have had their share of success by writing anything from fiction stories to how to develop a perfect golf swing.


Get honest reviews for your book

Reviews are a great way to encourage people to download books on Amazon. Free give-away is an advantage because you can get people to share their thoughts on what they think about your book. You must emphasize on honest reviews. You can also remind people at the end of your book to leave their reviews. It’s easy for people to ignore this, until you remind them not to.



Most authors have blogs in which they talk about their books. But they also leave reviews on Amazon for people to read. Blogging exposes you to a large audience, and could be your ticket to becoming the number one best seller on Amazon.

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The power of social media marketing

Social media offers a platform in which people can market their items. If you are using facebook, you can join a fan page where people talk about books. Alternatively, you could create your own and use it to promote your books in several ways.


Take note of the price

If other similar items are listed at $5, and you listed yours as $4.99, you are likely to sell more than your counterparts who are selling at $5. A $0.01 difference is too small, so you won’t be making losses, yet you’ll still make good sales on the go.



Amazon makes it possible for sellers to rich customers easily through lots of options that boost visibility in this market place. Lots of people check for new releases after every 30 days, and you need to take advantage of this. You must also push for your book to link to already selling books on Amazon. If you’ve seen ’customers who bought this item also bought this’’ phrase, you’ll know what I am talking about.


A polished product

Ensure that your book portrays professionalism. Ensure that it looks pretty much the same like something that came from a professional publishing house. This is attractive to the end user who may be searching for your product. Apparently, you may not be aware of this.

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Useful Resources

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Giving away free copies in exchange for honest reviews. Don’t risk your Amazon account by getting paid reviews or ask for good review in exchange for free copy.

Social Marketing

Email marketing to manage your email list.

Professional book cover are inexpensive. Few places to get a pre-made or custom book cover



It may take some time and effort to become Amazon best sellers, but it’s worth it. The tips above are very useful for anyone who wants to maximize sales in this worldwide market place. There’s opportunity that needs to be exploited, so look ahead and venture into it.

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